Month: March 2015

Belle Chambre

My belle chambre and favorite room in my home is my bedroom. For the spring, I have removed the heavier comforter and replaced it with a lighter traditional bedspread. I maintain a consistent color scheme of black, cream, and gray, so that I do not have to change the entire room each season. In the spring, the cream becomes the dominant color. As for the … Read More Belle Chambre

Spring is here!

Today it is official. Spring 2015 is here! I am without a doubt a Spring/Summer/Fall girl. Winter is not my thing. I don’t like being cold, wearing layers, or drinking hot chocolate. I wish I did, but I don’t. In my southern way of thinking, February is the last month of the year that deserves to be cold and November is the first. Finally, spring … Read More Spring is here!

Everyday Marvalous on Twitter

I am expanding my reach to include twitter. Follow me @marvalousday for words of wisdom to encourage you in your pursuit of a beautiful and joyful life. See you in the Twitterverse.