Spring is here!

Today it is official. Spring 2015 is here! I am without a doubt a Spring/Summer/Fall girl. Winter is not my thing. I don’t like being cold, wearing layers, or drinking hot chocolate. I wish I did, but I don’t. In my southern way of thinking, February is the last month of the year that deserves to be cold and November is the first. Finally, spring is here! (Yes, I am excited.)

I look forward to outdoor activities in the warmer weather, for example hiking and playing in the park with my kids. I am also considering what will be my color theme for the plants in my yard.  There is so much to be excited over. I am so thankful to be here another year to enjoy it.

I posted some of my favorite pictures from a visit to the Dallas Arboretum in Spring of 2014. Wow! I cant’ believe it has been a year since my last visit. It is time for the family and I to go back and enjoy the gardens on a Saturday. I would like to go more often. There are activities, such as live music, pony rides, and areas the kids would love. Check the website below for more information. Enjoy and have a “marvalous” Friday!

The Dallas Arboretum:            http://www.dallasarboretum.org/

My handsome sons at the Dallas Arboretum 2014.

My handsome sons at the Dallas Arboretum 2014.

The floral peacock. Just beautiful at the Dallas Arboretum 2014.

The beautiful floral peacock at the Dallas Arboretum 2014. (Click on the photo once to enlarge, and then again to enlarge it to view the detail. It is “marvalous.”)

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