Happy Mother’s Day!

DSCF0750[1] It is a blessing to have a mother. I thank GOD for mine and all of the women that have mothered me, guided me, and simply loved me. I am a better mother for knowing all of you. I feel so blessed today as a daughter and a mother. The ability to pass on the love that was given to me to my children is amazing. That love can be life changing and reap blessings for generations to come.  I believe that my son’s description of a mom being an angel is the best and sweetest way that I can honor mine, as well. My mother is my angel, too. I love you MOM!  I hope that you and all of the moms have a “marvalous” day and know that your sacrifices and love are appreciated and shall not return to you void. Happy Mother’s Day!!

The Dallas Arts District

The children mimicking the pose of the La Nuit by Aristide Maillol ay the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas.

My children mimicking the pose of the La Nuit by Aristide Maillol ay the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas.

Today is a great day to check out the Dallas Arts District!

The Nasher Sculpture Center hosts Target First Saturdays, where admission is free of charge. There are activities for children and adults, for example tours of the center, scavenger hunt, and yoga on the lawn. Enjoy the morning at the Nasher and then stop by the Klyde Warren Park for lunch. There are several food truck with delicious snack and restaurant worth meals. The park is a beautiful green space nestled above a bustling highway below. Sitting on the green, you would be hard pressed to guess the freeway was below you.  There are often free vents at the park, as well.  After you have eaten and rested a bit, head for a short 2minute walk across from the park to the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). General admission is free to the public. At 2:00pm every Saturday is the Spotlight at the DMA to showcase some of the highlights of the artwork and artifects displayed.

Theese are just a few ideas on how to enjoy the Dallas Arts District today. Design your own itinerary and check out some of the other venues in the district. I have listed the websites below for you. Have a “marvalous” Saturday.


The Dallas Arts District                     http://www.thedallasartsdistrict.org

The Nasher Sculpture Center            http://www.nashersculpturecenter.org/

Klyde Warren Park                             http://www.klydewarrenpark.org

The Dallas Museum of Art                 http://www.dma.org