Weekend Project

“You can take the girl out of New Orleans. But, you cannot take New Orleans out of the girl.

These statements are definitely true of me. I am sure that many of you can replace New Orleans with your home town. In honor of the city that I love, I created a street name poster. I admit the idea was inspired by art pieces that I have seen listing well-known streets in famous cities. However, in the one I created each street listed is of personal significance to me. For example, Magazine Street is famous for its antique shops. Personally, I know Magazine Street best as the street of my High School, Xavier University Preparatory, part of the Crescent City Classic Annual Run, and the street that leads to the Audubon Zoo. This is a quick, simple, and fun project that you can complete in less than an hour.DSCF0592[1]

You will need the following supplies:

  1. One (1) sheet of off white lightly textured paper.
  2. Picture frame and size for your specifications.
  3. Matting for the off white paper.
  4. Use of various fonts in your computer.
  5. Printer

Play with the fonts until you like the organization of the information on the page. Then place the poster in a frame, display, and enjoy!