Thirty Days of Healthy Habits

The world feels really heavy right now. The stressors of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, racial injustice, discrimination, the economy (personal, local, national, and global), the educational system, and so many more have reminded me of the value of my health and well-being.  As they say, “your health is your wealth.” Unhealthy lifestyles and habits are not good for us, especially now. We need to be as healthy, both physically and mentally, as possible, for ourselves, our families, and those we serve in our community or at work.  As such,  I have decided to take the month of July to put more emphasis on my health. The better I am, the better I can serve my family, those in my community, and at work, and right now they all need me more than ever.

Today, July 1st (Day #1), I am committing to me, my family, and you to improve my health through purposeful actions every day for the next 30 days to strengthen my body, my mind, and my soul.

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My plan for today and the next 29 days is available for download at the link below. I am ready to get started! I welcome you to join me.

EM 30 Day Healthy Habit Checklist

Golden Sunday

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Monday through Friday, I am primarily consumed with my work responsibilities and in the evenings Mommy duty tasks. Saturdays can be equally daunting with household duties, Mommy duties, and squeezing in time for self-care, and social activities. Then comes the beloved and golden Sunday.  Sundays are great to restore my energy levels both physically and spiritually. That can be a challenge since I have numerous irons in the fire. I either want to completely check out to rest or I want to work on getting as many things done as I can.  For me, neither are good options. Doing nothing all day is a lost opportunity to work on my personal tasks that I find fulfilling. And doing too much on Sunday will lead me into exhaustion for the week starting the next morning.  I found and am still working to optimize my Sunday routine to achieve better balance or arrest and activity.

My morning cup of coffee is starting each day with prayer, meditation, and on Sunday mornings church service.  I need that time to center myself. I express my gratitude for all that I have been given, remind myself of who I am, what I am to do, and where I am to go. Therefore, I find it necessary to maintain a planner and a personal notebook.  There is power in the written word. There is the power of God in the bible and power in my transcribed thoughts to paper.  Rather the power of His word to influence my thoughts and bless my steps is the power I use to live each day.  In my notebook, I write down the biblical lessons that I believe God is speaking into my life daily. In addition, I also write the following:

  1. What I am grateful for.
  2. A few positive words about myself.
  3. Any special prayer requests.

In my planner, I write down my to-do list for the day (including rest) and what I want to achieve and at last one must involve a personal goal that I have set for 2020.  I recommend having no more than 4 “To-Dos” on Sunday, including rest. Then I set times to get these things done. I am excited about my special Sundays. These days are cherished and used in a way the relaxes, energizes, and sets me up for a great week. I hope that my process will be helpful to you. Please share your experience and what you do on Sunday.

Have a Marvalous day!


The Joy of Raising Sons

I am the oldest of my sisters. I don’t have any brothers and so having 2 sons was a completely new and wonderful experience. I am enjoying every day with them. I am excited for the wonderful gentleman they are becoming and the possibilities that the future holds for them.

When I was pregnant, friends warned me about how fast they will grow. The best advice given was to pray for them, not only for today, but for the future, as well. I am that I heeded that advice. All of my prayers end with, “may God’s will be done.” The oldest is a teenager and  the youngest is on the brink of his teen years. It does go by fast, too fast. I’m blessed to see how my prayers for them have been answered and continue to be answered.

It is a blessing to be a mother. I cherish the privilege to help raise my sons. It is a joy.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Everyday Marvalous


The boys looking out from the 5th floor hotel window above Dallas Street, Houston, TX in 2015. This reminds me to keep looking up.

It was 2 years ago today that I first launched Everyday Marvalous.  Despite the joy that I get from working on my blog, a few other things came up this year that kept me from it. Some were of high priority like family and work, and there were some that were just time wasters.

Facing 2018, I realize that a few things need to change.

No. 1 – Aligning my every day with God’s plan for me and not my own. What God has for me is far greater than anything that I can give to myself or get from someone else.

No. 2 – Spending my limited and valuable time on what really matters most, God, myself, and family. (Note: It is not selfish to make yourself a priority before your family. By this ranking, my intent is to fulfill number three below. It is true, that better that you take care of yourself, the better you can care for your family.) 

No. 3 – Maintaining my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I am a gift to myself and others. Without good health, I would not be able to offer to others as much as God has planned for me.

On this second anniversary, I am prepared to close out 2017 with thankfulness for all of wonderful things that happened and challenges from which I learned . Further, I am committing to make the needed changes so that 2018 will be even more fruitful.

This life we live is beautifully complicated and simple. The complication comes in with the challenges that we face.  However, if we keep our priorities in order, it simplifies our lives, keeps us focused on what really matters, and we find that we can more easily navigate through the challenges.

Blessings to you on this wonderful New Year’s Eve! It will be a “Marvalous” 2018!