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Check In on Day #5

Hello to the 5th day!  Yes, we are 5 days in on this 30-day journey.  Have you made the commitment with me? I have achieved the task each day. As I progress to the next day, I work to maintain what I have already started. What has been most important to me in this first week is the daily consumption of water. Our bodies … Read More Check In on Day #5

Thirty Days of Healthy Habits

The world feels really heavy right now. The stressors of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, racial injustice, discrimination, the economy (personal, local, national, and global), the educational system, and so many more have reminded me of the value of my health and well-being.  As they say, “your health is your wealth.” Unhealthy lifestyles and habits are not good for us, especially now. We need to … Read More Thirty Days of Healthy Habits

The Joy of Raising Sons

I am the oldest of my sisters. I don’t have any brothers and so having 2 sons was a completely new and wonderful experience. I am enjoying every day with them. I am excited for the wonderful gentleman they are becoming and the possibilities that the future holds for them. When I was pregnant, friends warned me about how fast they will grow. The … Read More The Joy of Raising Sons

More good stuff in 2017

The year 2016 did not quite live up to the “sweet sixteen” that many had hoped.  We can always remember the negative so much easier than the positive. Every year brings it own set of blessings and challenges. This is what we call life. We must live it to the fullest. Let’s make a promise to each other to love more, laugh more, forgive … Read More More good stuff in 2017

Missed you!

I am back from a very long absence of blogging. There have been major events in our family and my work that required my time and attention. My blog, Everyday Marvalous, is my passion and creative outlet. This is a great opportunity for me to share that things that I love and enjoy, gives me a voice beyond my social circle, and hopefully encourages others … Read More Missed you!

Pancake Goodness

Almost every Saturday morning, I make my youngest son’s favorite breakfast, Pancakes. He loads the down with syrup and really enjoys eating his breakfast. I started to worry about all of the sugary sweetness and lack of nutrients in his breakfast, so I decided to change things up a bit. I am still making his pancakes. However, I added rolled oats to the mixture … Read More Pancake Goodness

Merry Christmas!

  I hope that you all have had a wonderful Christmas Day! Our Christmas celebration began on Christmas Eve, attending the candlelight worship service. I was really inspired to continue to allow God’s light to shine through me and felt thankful for the gift of Christ, His birth, death, and resurrection. We sang traditional Christmas songs of worship. In my heart, I sang an … Read More Merry Christmas!

Marvalous Landscaping

I have picked up a new hobby, mowing the lawn. It may seem odd. However, I find it quite enjoyable. I have a modest sized back yard that I maintain. I get up early on Saturday morning and get to work in my back yard. My husband takes care of the rest of the lawn. Thank you, Ted! I must admit that I am cultivating … Read More Marvalous Landscaping

Blessings on Labor Day

Labor day is an American holiday to celebrate and give honor to the workers that contribute to the “strength, prosperity, and well-being to our country” (United States Department of Labor, 2015). Blessed are those who are performing work that they love and who perform it to the best of their abilities. It is easier to give your best when you are appreciated, encouraged, and excited about … Read More Blessings on Labor Day

Blog Lovin

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Happy Mother’s Day!

It is a blessing to have a mother. I thank GOD for mine and all of the women that have mothered me, guided me, and simply loved me. I am a better mother for knowing all of you. I feel so blessed today as a daughter and a mother. The ability to pass on the love that was given to me to my children is amazing. … Read More Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring is here!

Today it is official. Spring 2015 is here! I am without a doubt a Spring/Summer/Fall girl. Winter is not my thing. I don’t like being cold, wearing layers, or drinking hot chocolate. I wish I did, but I don’t. In my southern way of thinking, February is the last month of the year that deserves to be cold and November is the first. Finally, spring … Read More Spring is here!