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The Unexpected Remodel

Our family took on a small home remodeling project due to some recent water damage in the media room. As a lover of interior design, I saw this as an opportunity to upgrade the space. If the work has to be done, why not add to the budget a bit to get the most out of it. So we did. To help me figure … Read More The Unexpected Remodel

White Pottery

Developing a collection of anything can be quite fun. The joy of the hunt for particular items. The excitement of finding a piece to add to your collection can be addictive. Then the satisfaction of displaying for enjoying your collection makes the effort worthwhile. One of my favorite collections is white pottery. I love white dishes, vases, bowls, sugar and creamer sets, etc.  The contrast … Read More White Pottery

Marvalous Napkins and Placemats

My hope is that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I enjoyed the day with my family and some of my extended family.  During my holiday downtime, I was able to get some organizing done. One of my favorite things to organize is my napkins and placemat collections. I keep them organized neatly together in a cabinet, one set on top of another. I use … Read More Marvalous Napkins and Placemats

House Tour

  I added a new page, i.e. House Tour, to the Everyday Marvalous website. I will be updating it overtime with pictures of the home my husband and I purchased 3 years ago. Our home was built in 1987, has a lot of character but needed some updating. We consider this to be our forever home and enjoying putting our mark on the property. I plan … Read More House Tour

Sunday Dinner with Red Beans and Rice

One of my favorite days of the week is Sunday. I enjoy getting dressed for church, attending church, coming back home to relax for a while and later prepare Sunday dinner. It is a day of relaxation, reinvigoration, and enjoyment both physically and spiritually. I may not cook routinely during the week, but most Sundays we enjoy a great home cooked meal. I am … Read More Sunday Dinner with Red Beans and Rice

Belle Chambre

My belle chambre and favorite room in my home is my bedroom. For the spring, I have removed the heavier comforter and replaced it with a lighter traditional bedspread. I maintain a consistent color scheme of black, cream, and gray, so that I do not have to change the entire room each season. In the spring, the cream becomes the dominant color. As for the … Read More Belle Chambre

Closet Files #1

Last week, we focused on returning order and function to our closets. This week, let’s tackle making sure that we have the needed and wanted garments in that lovely space. In order to do this, ask yourself these two questions below. What are the various types of places that I go, e.g. work, the gym, church, dining, shopping, etc.? What are the types of … Read More Closet Files #1