My Favorite Hair Styling Tools


Sunday morning, I looked down upon my favorite paddle brush for my hair. If it could have talked, it would have said “I’m done.” Quite a few of the bristles were bent and after 4 years of use, the time had come to say goodbye. Honestly, I used the brush way past its life expectancy. It is recommended to replace your hair brush when worn or every 1-2 years. However, mine worked quite well over the past few years. The bristles felt great against my scalp and detangles like a charm. I cannot even imagine using another brush. So I made a special trip to the Aveda store on Sunday to purchase a replacement. I love the Aveda stores, the products, the scents, and the staff are great. Aveda is a blog-worthy topic all on its own.

After I arrived back home, I used the brush immediately. My scalp enjoyed every stroke. I will probably not wait as long to replace it again, as it felt remarkably better than the old one. The replacement paddle brush was welcomed into the collection of my favorite hair styling tools. Pictures above are the few combs that I use, as well.  The first comb on the left, whatever it is called, is great for loosely moving through curls. A professional stylist could probably tell you what it is called. The second comb is a pin tail comb,  which I use to create my long smooth swept bang look, to make perfectly straight parts, and for separating my hair for flat ironing and placing hair rollers. The fine tooth comb side of the pin tail is not for everyday use to comb through all of my hair. The comb on the far left I use to move hair conditioner through my hair. You can use the Aveda brush for that, but I do not want to get conditioner underneath the paddle of the brush. If you want more information on the paddle brush, check out the site below. It will be $25 “marvalously-spent” dollars.

Aveda wooden paddle brush, image copied from



Miracle polish in a bottle…

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2

I am creature of habit. Once, I find a product that works, I will become a loyalist to the brand for years. On a whim, I strayed from my usual brand of nail polish and purchased some of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes.  This products touts a 14-day wear and not needing light to dry the polish.   I tried waiting the 14 days. However, I like to change polish weekly. So I was able to hold out for 10 days before changing the color.  I was really impressed with the long wear of the polish. There were only slight imperfections on the 10th day, I could have gone longer. I have purchased more colors. In the picture below, I am wearing Game of Chromes, a nice color to ring in the New Year.


You apply two coats of color followed by the clear top coat, i.e. the black bottle in the photo above. I love the ease of application, the fast frying, and the long wear. The only obstacle was that I needed acetone nail polish to remove the color. I normally use one without acetone. These You may even find some on sale for less. Target (in stores) and Ulta (on-line, possibly in stores) has a twin pack with the polish and the top coat for $15.99.  You can read more about this product at the Sally Hansen website below and  view the color options.





Miracle Beauty


I love cosmetics from drug store bargains to high end splurges. However, I do not desire to wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis nor do I have the time to apply it. One of my favorites is Miracle Blur made by L’Oreal.  It is a skin smoother that evens skin complexion and diminishes flaws, like wrinkles and lines. After I cleanse and moisturize my skin, I apply a small amount to my finger tips and apply over my face. I love the natural even tone it gives my skin. I use the oil-free formulation, which also reduces the oily appearance of my skin.

For important meetings and social events, I will apply foundation over the Miracle Blur. However, most days I wear it alone with a little concealer under my eyes, blush, mascara, lipstick or lip gloss. It takes about 5 minutes to complete my look. My face will look great all day! Another benefit is that it is colorless, which puts an end to foundation stains on the collars of my shirts. One tube usually lasts three months, which is well worth the $19.95 investment at Walmart. I hope you enjoy this product, as much as I do. It’s “marvalous!”


Wearing only Miracle Blur, blush, mascara, and lip color.

I am wearing only Miracle Blur, blush, mascara, and lip color in this photo.

Facing the Summer Sun


During the summer, I really enjoy jumping into the pool with my kids. Lying in my chaise pool-side, judging which of my sons makes a higher splash jumping into the pool is quite relaxing. However, this time of fun in the sun can be harmful to my skin, which calls for the use of sunscreen. Healthy skin is important for me and my family. I apply store brand sunscreen liberally on my boys and over most of my skin. However, for my face, neck, and upper chest, I give these areas extra special attention and protection. After all, sun damage in these areas are the most noticeable and difficult to hide. I  use La Mer Protecting Fluid on my face, neck, and upper chest.  It provides SPF 50 UV protection and is light enough to use everyday under makeup. I wear it on days that I plan to spend a significant amount of time in the sun, whether I am at the pool or just going about my everyday life. I love the light fresh smell of protective fluid. It works very well, too. As additional sun protection, I wear a fashionable hat to further minimize any potential sun damage. Enjoy the sun and protect your skin!

La Mer SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid, 1.7 oz. ($85.00)

La Mer SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid, 1.7 oz. ($85.00)

Sold on-line and in stores at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue