Thirty Days of Healthy Habits

The world feels really heavy right now. The stressors of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, racial injustice, discrimination, the economy (personal, local, national, and global), the educational system, and so many more have reminded me of the value of my health and well-being.  As they say, “your health is your wealth.” Unhealthy lifestyles and habits are not good for us, especially now. We need to be as healthy, both physically and mentally, as possible, for ourselves, our families, and those we serve in our community or at work.  As such,  I have decided to take the month of July to put more emphasis on my health. The better I am, the better I can serve my family, those in my community, and at work, and right now they all need me more than ever.

Today, July 1st (Day #1), I am committing to me, my family, and you to improve my health through purposeful actions every day for the next 30 days to strengthen my body, my mind, and my soul.

headshot mid torso right tilt 012620

My plan for today and the next 29 days is available for download at the link below. I am ready to get started! I welcome you to join me.

EM 30 Day Healthy Habit Checklist

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