Golden Sunday

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Monday through Friday, I am primarily consumed with my work responsibilities and in the evenings Mommy duty tasks. Saturdays can be equally daunting with household duties, Mommy duties, and squeezing in time for self-care, and social activities. Then comes the beloved and golden Sunday.  Sundays are great to restore my energy levels both physically and spiritually. That can be a challenge since I have numerous irons in the fire. I either want to completely check out to rest or I want to work on getting as many things done as I can.  For me, neither are good options. Doing nothing all day is a lost opportunity to work on my personal tasks that I find fulfilling. And doing too much on Sunday will lead me into exhaustion for the week starting the next morning.  I found and am still working to optimize my Sunday routine to achieve better balance or arrest and activity.

My morning cup of coffee is starting each day with prayer, meditation, and on Sunday mornings church service.  I need that time to center myself. I express my gratitude for all that I have been given, remind myself of who I am, what I am to do, and where I am to go. Therefore, I find it necessary to maintain a planner and a personal notebook.  There is power in the written word. There is the power of God in the bible and power in my transcribed thoughts to paper.  Rather the power of His word to influence my thoughts and bless my steps is the power I use to live each day.  In my notebook, I write down the biblical lessons that I believe God is speaking into my life daily. In addition, I also write the following:

  1. What I am grateful for.
  2. A few positive words about myself.
  3. Any special prayer requests.

In my planner, I write down my to-do list for the day (including rest) and what I want to achieve and at last one must involve a personal goal that I have set for 2020.  I recommend having no more than 4 “To-Dos” on Sunday, including rest. Then I set times to get these things done. I am excited about my special Sundays. These days are cherished and used in a way the relaxes, energizes, and sets me up for a great week. I hope that my process will be helpful to you. Please share your experience and what you do on Sunday.

Have a Marvalous day!


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