Spring is a time of renewal for the Earth. The trees have leaves and flowers that are blooming. The grass is turning green again. Birds are preparing nests for the arrivals of the babies. The air is warming up from its winter chill. The April showers lead way to May flowers.  It overall is such a beautiful time of the year. Which is currently in contrast to how I feel. My clothes are a little bit tighter and my energy level is lower than it was months earlier. To reach a healthier state of being, I have some work to do. As such, I decided to make April my month to do some personal spring cleaning of myself.


Over the next 28 days, I will cover a variety of topics, such as healthy weight, diet, exercise, healthy lab values, healthy skin, vitamins, and much more. These topics are designed to build upon each other and facilitate a successful Spring Cleaning. I hope that you join me on this journey so that we can encourage each other and achieve goals together. I look forward to reading your comments. Also check out my Instagram (@everydaymarvalous), where I am more frequently posting pictures and daily words of encouragement.

Have a blessed Sunday.


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