Black & White Fashion

I have a not so secret obsession with dressing in black and white. My closet does have some items with color. However, most of my favorite pieces are black and/ or white. It makes combining various garments and adding a splash of color quite easy. An outfit need not be built in one day or one shopping trip. Many times, I work the new items into my closet. It helps to keep my wardrobe fresh and exciting. This color combination is very popular and it is easy to find a beautifully interesting item. The key to wearing a lot of black and white is the quality of the fabric, the uniqueness of the style, and a figure flattering fit.  One of my favorite things to do is wear modest make up with vibrant red lips when wearing these combination of colors.


This weekend, I found a few in my theme colors that I really like. I will post pictures soon of how these partnered with items that I currently have.

20150822_214655-1 20150822_215325-1 20150822_215612

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