That is true.

Lest we not forget that in God’s eyes, ALL LIVES MATTER.

We were blessed with life not by chance, but by purpose.

We were made to love and care for one another,

to encourage and support each other,

to see the beauty of God through each other, and

to act as the children of God should with our brothers and sisters, members of His family.

I am sure that it saddens God to see how we act and treat each other at times.

Much in the same way, when we observe our own children not getting along.

Family is a blessing.

We are to be a blessing to each other, as God has blessed us.

We can demonstrate that ALL LIVES MATTER, by treating each other like family.

Be a blessing tomorrow for someone that you do not know.

You never know who’s heart may need to feel loved, even in a small increment, to give them the strength to continue on their journey.

I pray that you and I can see the beauty of God in each other. You are my family and I am your sister.

God Bless and have a “marvalous” day.





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