A Perfect Saturday Morning


A perfect Saturday morning starts with the day light gracefully flowing into my bedroom while the robins and sparrows serenade me to wakefulness…

Okay, my morning did not quite start like that. Actually, I woke before the sunrise to bring my mother to the airport for her vacation in New Orleans. (Lucky, Mom!) I made it back home around 8:00am and decided to go for a walk. What a beautiful morning it was! It was sunny, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue, and the temperature was perfect. I could hear the birds chirping, watched squirrels scatter about as I approached and even a few bunny rabbits. I could hear a few bees buzzing about and the breeze whistling through the trees.


Being enveloped in such a beautiful surrounding, I started praying and thanking God for everything. I thanked Jesus for His covering over me, His love, His guidance. As I took in each breath during my prayer, I became even more aware of my abundant blessings. That time in prayer was so good for me. I love how time spent with the Lord allows me to refocus on what is important, i.e. His light shining through me and sharing that with others. Fifty minutes later, I came back home and then made breakfast. My husband left to attend a Christian Men’s Conference, so the boys and I will enjoy some pancakes. Don’t these pancakes look good? They were!


However your Saturday morning starts out, it is a blessing to have another start. Yes, another opportunity to  allow His light to shine through you and share it with others. Have a “marvalous” Saturday!

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