Shoes of Prey

Have you ever found a pair of shoes that you love, but the store did not have your size? I hate when that happens. Well, ladies, no more. I have found a line of shoes, Shoes of Prey, sold at Nordstroms that solves that problem and more. Shoes of Prey, not only, offers beautiful shoes at reasonable prices, but they also offer custom options. Yes! You can custom design and order shoes to your taste and that are just your size. A Nordstrom stylist will work with you to choose the style, color, and heel height. The bad news is this is currently offered at only four of their stores in Paramus, NJ; Bellevue, WA; Newport Beach, CA; San Francisco, CA; and Arlington, VA. The good news is that more design studios are planned and you can purchase many of their ready to wear shoes in the stores and on-line. Check out the Nordstroms’ website (http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/shoes-of-prey?origin=leftnav) to see the lovely items below many more Shoes of Prey’s “marvalous” designs. There goes my lunch money.

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