Three Words



I was surfing the web and came across a page that asked what you would tell your younger self in two words. I thought that was not enough and continued my web search. I found myself thinking more and more on that subject and decided to stop. If I could send a message back in time to my younger self, it would have three words, “do not settle.”

These 3 words could have infinite possibilities, such as…

Do not settle for giving less than your best.

Do not settle for less love than you deserve.

Do not settle for a life without Christ.

Do not settle for public acceptance as your self worth.

Do not settle for the easy road.

Do not settle for a life without peace.

Do not settle for daydreams. Make the dream your reality.

Do not settle for imitation anything. Get and have real love, real friendships, and a real life.

Do not settle for name brand. Be your own brand.

In many ways, I did not settle. In others, I wondered my potential service to God had I not chosen to settle. Thankfully, I am here to continue in my quest to not settle for less than giving God my best. I pray that you not settle for less, as well. Have a “marvalous” Monday.




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