My Sweet Valentine

DSCF0662[1]Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the one you love. Although, it should not be on the only time in the year  that you do. Make this holiday special by doing something different and very romantic. I suggest skipping the crowded restaurant or the movies, in lieu for real quality time one on one with the one you love.

Start by writing a love letter. In the letter appreciate the other person for the everyday things that demonstrate how much they love you.  Often times, the everyday things are taken for granted. Your recognizing their love in even the simple things, will make them feel special. Also, write about the qualities they possess that deepens your love for them. It will make them feel loved and very special. Choose beautiful stationary or a lovely card to deliver the message.

Next to address the quality time, plan a romantic date, e.g. a picnic, a walk, or hike. Plan for at least an hour, where the both of you can spark a great conversation and enjoy each others company. Gifts are nice. However a gift, alone, without sincere love, can be lacking. Sometimes, the effort in planning of the date and the genuine show of affection that makes the moment romantic can be much more meaningful than a gift.

I hope this Valentine’s is absolutely “Marvalous!”

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