Weekend Project: Revive your closet.

A clean and organized closet is an essential part of dressing for success. There is nothing like on a Monday morning trying to figure what your wearing and you cannot find anything, simply because your closet is not organized. This weekend, let’s get it in order.

First, make sure you have the needs supplies, i.e. hangers, storage solutions for scarves, gloves, jewelry, etc. When purchasing hangers, you will need variety, such as padded hangers for blouses, felt hangers for slacks and dresses, and wooden hangers for suits. Remember when purchasing your supplies, the aesthetics of the items. You may want to adhere to a color scheme, etc. Do consider purchasing scented sachets, as well. You want your closet to be an enjoyable space. You can get a lot of great ideas from boutiques and department stores, too.

This is my poodle door stop. One of my favorite closet accessories.

This is my poodle door stop. One of my favorite closet accessories.

Next, if you have a smaller sized closet, like mine, I suggest that you take everything out of the closet. It will be much easier to move things around working with an empty closet.

Then, decide where everything will go. Make a section for skirts, pants, blouses, blouses, shoes, handbags, etc., and a space to place a weeks-worth of outfits. Every Sunday, I pull my outfits for the week, it makes getting dressed and prepared for work each day less hectic.

Survey each piece. If you answer NO to any of the following questions, do not return the garment to your closet. It will be taking up space for future new and even more fabulous garments. Put the garment to the side for donation to a charitable organization.

  • Do you like it?
  • Is it a quality garment, by look and feel? (I advise against making this judgment based on brand name, alone.)
  • Does it look good on you?

Items that you will keep, place in the designated section in the closet. Also in each section sort the items by color scheme. I start with white and move across the rainbow to black in each section. This will take a while, however it is the first and most important stage in getting your closet organized.

I am nearly finished. Still some tweaking is needed.

I am nearly finished. Still some tweaking is needed.


Next week, I will discuss taking a deeper dive into your closet. You want to make sure that you have the proper garments for your life style. A lovely closet is another way to inject some “Marvalous” into every day.

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