Weekend Project: Serenity Space


Every woman needs a place in their home where they can take some time to re-center and recharge. It does not take a lot of space nor does it take a lot of money. I have created Serenity Spaces in a number of areas in my home. One of my favorites is in a corner of my bedroom, my personal nail salon. I love painting my own nails. However, I do leave the pedicures to the professionals. It is a very calming process of preparing my nails, moisturizing my hands, and then applying the color.

I make the experience enjoyable by listening to contemporary jazz while taking in the scenery of my space and the view through the nearby window. Maintaining a variable selection of polishes and attractively storing the needed supplies is essential. A crystal container is used for the cotton balls. In the mason jar are the nail files, clippers, and cuticle trimmers. On the tray are items there mostly for visual purposes and my favorite lotion. The desk that I use was an inexpensive thrift store purchase for $30 which I painted. I love my nail salon!




When you are creating your space, consider the following:

  1. What you love and the spaces that you have available? Example spaces could be the bath, your closet, a craft room, a desk in the kitchen, office, etc.
  2. Once you have settled on a space, determine what activity will take place in that area? For example, a comfortable chair in a corner of your home that you will use for quiet time and reading.
  3. Do you have the needed supplies? Make a list of what you need to ensure that you do not forget anything that you will use in your space.
  4. How will you store the supplies? Mason jars, crystal vases, ceramic bowls, and tea cups can be used to store small items. However, you may want book shelves or other larger storage items depending on your needs.
  5. What accessories will you use to enhance the beauty of the space? The attractiveness of the space is what will entice you to use it frequently.

Have fun creating your serenity space or spaces, it will make your home even more enjoyable for you. Taking the few minutes to relax, will also make you a more enjoyable person, too. Your home is your castle, make a space for the queen that you are.

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